Birth Preparation Workshop

For Women and their Partners (Ideal from 32 weeks)

This workshop is very practical, inspiring confidence for both you and your partner in a whole range of self help tools such as breathing, positioning, movement and relaxation techniques. The workshop works brilliantly alongside more traditional antenatal classes you may have already attended and compliments my pregnancy yoga classes. The emphasis here is on the practical aspect of birthing rather than the theory. This also works very well as a refresher for those expecting a subsequent baby.

What the workshop covers

Breathing techniques to help you keep calm and focussed.

Movements and positions to help ease labour and delivery, including many uses of the birthing ball with partner support.

Massage techniques for labour.

Your partner will practice supporting you in your breathing and movements for an easier birth assisting you in creating more space in your pelvis for birthing.

Putting all of the above together and practising in a 'labour rehearsal

How do I book?

Email or call 07840 707435.

Workshop Dates

Date: Saturday 6th April
Time: 10am-12:30am
Cost: £30  (per couple)
Venue: Brownlow Hall (Main Hall) Newell Green, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 6AB