Postnatal Yoga (with babies)

These classes allow for some much deserved 'me time' during the demands of postnatal life. Interactive mother and baby moves and some Baby Yoga are included but the emphasis is on yoga for the mother.

Suitable 4-6 weeks after a natural birth (if you feel ready), or any time until your baby has started crawling. If you have had a caesarean birth it is best to wait until after your 6 week postnatal check up.

What the classes cover

Breathing and micro-movements to help close the body, toning from the inside out.

Pelvic floor exercises to strengthen these muscles and tone the bladder.

Stretches to ease out any strains caused by feeding, holding and carrying your baby.

Practices that include your baby for mutual benefits.

Relaxation techniques that can be used with or without your baby.

Practices that can be done at home, on your own or with your baby.

More dynamic poses/sequences are also offered in order to set the foundation for making a safe transition to general yoga or other forms of exercise.

Baby Yoga sequences and stretches to aid digestion and support baby's development.

These classes are very relaxed and flexible, so you will feel free to attend to your baby's needs as required.

How do I book classes?

Email or call 07840 707435.

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"Postnatal Yoga with Sarah has been fantastic for both my daughter and myself. It has helped me find time and techniques for relaxation with a small baby whilst helping me to regain strength and muscle post labour. I attended Sarah's pregnancy yoga classes and this has been a great follow on."
- Shona & Harriet (6 months)

"I have loved coming to your class and it's been such an enjoyable time and really good for my well-being!"
- Charlotte & Baby Austin (6 months)

Internationally acclaimed, Birthlight continually strives to use the latest research findings in the development of simple but effective movements are uniquely suited to help you regain your core-strength by toning the deep muscles of the pelvic and lower back.