Well Woman Yoga

This nurturing women's only yoga class has an emphasis on yoga specifically directed to promote and enhance women's overall health and well-being.

These relaxed, fun classes include seated and standing postures, and flowing sequences as well as breathing and relaxation.

What the classes cover

Classes are creative and varied often involving use of pair work, group work, chairs and balls. All working to cultivate calm, balanced energy and vitality, detoxify the body and promote a sense of inner peace.

This class has evolved from women wishing to continue yoga following pregnancy and postnatal classes. As well as enhancing general well-being, can include applications to address a variety of conditions such as menstrual and hormonal imbalances, anxiety and tension.

How do I book classes?

Email Sarah@babyyogis.co.uk or call 07840 707435.

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"From pregnancy, to baby and then to well woman yoga, Sarah's gentle, nurturing and personable approach makes her practice a haven for the busy mum. Sarah is a knowledgeable, experienced teacher and a considerate person who always takes care to make each individual feel they are benefiting from their classes, being attentive to not just your physical fitness but your overall well-being as a woman and mother."
- Janine

"I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's pregnancy yoga classes and was thrilled when she started doing Well Woman yoga. It is always a fun yet challenging session and I look forward to her classes and always come away feeling great."
- Debs