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No previous experience of yoga is required. You can start as soon as 4-6 weeks after a normal birth (if you feel ready), or anytime until your baby has started crawling. If you have had a caesarean birth it is best to wait until after your 6 week postnatal check up. The group size is small (maximum 7 mothers and babies) in order to tailor the class to the needs of the group and to enable new mums to get to know each other.

Interactive mother and baby moves and some Baby Yoga are included but the emphasis is on yoga for the mother, giving you the opportunity to focus on your body in a relaxing environment. Please see the Baby Yoga pages for information on baby centred classes.

Internationally acclaimed, Birthlight continually strives to use the latest research findings in the development of simple but effective movements are uniquely suited to help you regain your core-strength by tonning the deep muscles of the pelvic and lower back.  This approach has been developed through a long experience of working with new mothers from birth and watching outcomes.

Class Content

Included are:

Breathing and micro-movements to help close the body, toning from the inside out.

Pelvic floor exercises to strengthen these muscles and tone the bladder.

Stretches to ease out any strains caused by feeding, holding and carrying your baby.

Practices that include your baby for mutual benefits.

Relaxation techniques that can be used with or without your baby.

Practices that can be done at home, on your own or with your baby.

More dynamic poses/sequences are also offered in order to set the foundation for making a safe transition to general yoga or other forms of exercise.

Benefits (Physical)

Relaxes and re-energise the body and mind, helping to relieve fatigue.

Tones the abdominal muscles in depth for 'closing the body' after birth.

Helps to regain your posture following the birth.

Regain pelvic floor tone, helping to avoid problems with incontinence.

Helps to relieve many of the common postnatal alignments, such as upper or lower back ache and fatigue.

Increases energy levels, strength and stamina.

Promotes hormonal balance.

Offers simple practices that you do at home to support your postnatal recovery.

Promotes postnatal physical and mental health.

Benefits (Emotional)

Allows for some much deserved 'Me time' during this busy demanding period in your life.

Reclaiming one's body following pregnancy and birth.

Promotes overall well being.

Research as shown that exercising after having a baby can help reduce the risk of developing
postnatal depression.

Promotes bonding between mother and baby.

Promotes confidence in handling baby.

Provides the opportunity to make new friends

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join a Postnatal Yoga course?

Generally speaking it is fine to start this class from 4-6 weeks after a natural/vaginal birth, usually after your first check-up. If you had any complications or a c-section it may be advisable to wait a little longer, in which case please refer to your doctor first.

I haven't done Yoga before does it matter?

No, that's fine as the Postnatal Yoga is gentle, no previous experience is necessary.

What if I need to feed/change or sooth my baby during the class?

These classes are very relaxed and flexible, so you will feel free to attend to your baby's needs as required and join back in when you can. Some practices can be done whilst feeding your baby and handouts are given to support home practice between classes.

What is the difference between the Postnatal Yoga class and the Baby Yoga class?

In the postnatal yoga class the main focus in on the mother. Some Baby Yoga is included but the emphasis is on yoga for the mother, giving you the opportunity to focus on your body in a relaxing environment. The baby yoga class includes some stretches and mutually benefical practices for both mother and baby but the main focus is on yoga for the baby. Songs and rhymes are used throughout the baby yoga class. Please see the Baby Yoga pages for information.

What do I need to bring?

There’s no need to bring any yoga equipment. Just bring anything you need for changing and feeding your baby. It is a good idea to bring something familiar for your baby to lay.

When is the next course?

Please see classes page.

How do I book?

Please email Sarah for a booking form:

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"I attended both Postnatal and Baby Yoga classes with Sarah over a period of about 4 months and it's been a real treat! Sarah's warmth and knowledge make her a fantastic teacher."

Cecile & Nathan (now 9 months)